George Milanovich - Violist


Đorđe Milanović was born on the 2nd of may 1991. in Jagodina (Republic of Serbia). He graduated at the Faculty of Arts, University of Niš, Department for Viola performance – violist. He has finished music school ’’Dr Miloje Milojević’’ in Kragujevac, department viola. As a five year old, he was the youngest member of School for musical talents “Horeum Margi” in Ćuprija.

He is willing to learn and further develop his professional potentials. He gained experience at viola master classes and summer music academies, with renowned professors of viola: Silvia Simionescu (Switzerland), Vesna Rilak Stanimirovic (Serbia), Ognjan Stancev (Bulgaria), prof. Ivan Brkić. Also, he participate in great projects in organisation of Faculty of arts in Niš (Operetta ’’The Bat“ by Johann Strauss; Ludwig Van Beethoven's Ninth Symphony (’’Edict of Milan – 313“ project...).

He has performed as solist and orchestral musician: Nish symphony orchestra, The Naissus Youth Philharmonic Orchestra NAISUS, Chamber orchestra "Hibridi", Nish Faculty of Arts Orchestra, and as a solist accompanied by a symphony orchestra.

Since the age of 4 he performed as vocal soloist (1995. – 2002.) in the biggest concert halls in Serbia: Sava Centre; National Theatre in Belgrade, National Theatre in Novi Sad, National Theatre in Niš, Musikverein in Wien... Many music experts gave him important advices and shared their experiences and he was willing to use these trough his musical career.

The audiance remembers him as vocal solist, because he has performed since he was five years old in great national music festivals for children and he had great results. Songs were composed by Jovan Adamov and lyrics written by famous poets for kids.

His repertoire is rich and various, and except classical music pieces, he plays movie soundtracks, jazz, traditional music, evergreen, rock and pop music.